Millennials Are Buying Homes Because of Their Dogs – Not Their Children or Marriages

It’s no secret that millennials love dogs and now their four-legged friends are starting to influence the decisions they make about housing. A recent survey by SunTrust Mortgage found that a third of millennials who had already purchased their first home said they were influenced by the need to have space for a dog. The survey asked recent home buyers why they were buying their first home and their dog was the third most commonly cited reason, coming above children and marriage. Only more living space and the opportunity to…

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Homeownership Remains Goal For Millennials

millenials homeownership

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro says the idea that younger Americans aren’t interested in home ownership is a myth and that it is as much a goal for them as it was previous generations. “The American Dream of home ownership is as strong today as ever,” Castro told the National Association of Realtors Regulatory Issues Forum. “And perhaps the best news of all is that millennials are showing that their generation is just as committed to home ownership as their parents and grandparents.” Long seen as an essential…

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