How Much House Can I Afford

Home Loan Guide For First-Time Home Buyers Shopping for your dream home can oftentimes be a pressure-filled task. More so, if you have no idea how much home you can afford. If you are a first-time home buyer, there are a few things on a loan for home buyers that you should heed. These things will help ensure that you will not weigh down yourself with a mortgage or repayment and that you can get an acceptable return. Also, by knowing your price range in advance, you can avoid looking at homes you…

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Is Buying a ‘Starter Home’ Still Smart?

buying a starter home

At the point when the Baby Boomer was venturing into adulthood, it was normal to purchase a “starter home” – a modest, small dwelling. As their families grew and careers advanced, they moved into bigger or better homes. Presently, a lot of people battle to come up with the down payment for a first home. Will it be more wise to hold up and save cash so they can buy a home that makes more long-term sense or buy a starter home and plan to remain in it for more years?…

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Homeownership Month Promotes Benefits Of Buying


Since the financial crisis and housing crash, the real estate market has made a lot of progress. The job market has improved, millions of mortgage modifications helped struggling homeowners keep their homes, home prices have recovered, and interest rates remain near record lows. As part of National Homeownership Month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development hopes to – not only reflect on that progress – but also promote the benefits of owning a home. “A home is the place where we raise our children, establish roots in a community,…

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Homeownership Remains Goal For Millennials

millenials homeownership

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro says the idea that younger Americans aren’t interested in home ownership is a myth and that it is as much a goal for them as it was previous generations. “The American Dream of home ownership is as strong today as ever,” Castro told the National Association of Realtors Regulatory Issues Forum. “And perhaps the best news of all is that millennials are showing that their generation is just as committed to home ownership as their parents and grandparents.” Long seen as an essential…

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