Luxury Real Estate: Marketing To The Wealthy Crowd

Selling a luxury home requires an altogether different technique compared to putting on sale a typical house. Showcasing such remarkable properties will require you to  depend on a very high-end marketing program. It is because expensive houses can score you big commissions.

What Defines Luxury Homes

28 Ascot Ridge Rd Great Neck NY
28 Ascot Ridge Rd Great Neck NY 11021

It isn’t merely the price that defines a ‘luxury home’. Other additional characteristics of luxury homes include: desirable location, distinctive architecture and amenities. A house can become expensive and luxurious when it has certain elements that put it over the top.

When searching for homes, an average buyer typically spends time browsing on the internet, registering with multiple agents and most likely have a good sense of what they want. A high net worth individual do not usually go through such means and won’t even realize what they are looking for unless something gets put in front of them that they want.

Selling Luxury Homes

172 Parkway Dr Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577
172 Parkway Dr Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577

Not all good agents can operate effectively in the upper-tier market. There is an increased level of difficulty when selling luxury homes thereby the need to have an increased level of expertise as well. As an agent, you cannot conquer a market you do not know. Before you get out there and try to sell luxury properties to the rich and famous, it is pertinent for you to know the neighborhood and community like the back of your hand. Here is the right way to go about getting your luxury home sold:

Tap the Right Audience

70 Dogleg Ln Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577
70 Dogleg Ln Roslyn Heights, NY, 11577

One extremely important marketing tool for real estate agents is social selling through use of social media which will give your clients the maximum exposure. Although Facebook tends to get a large portion of the attention, Instagram is also fast becoming a preferred network for Millennials. These platforms provide a big opportunity for real estate agents to engage their audience with visual storytelling. Social media likewise allows agents to create a very specific target audience with everything from interests to job to location.

Get Into the Network

19 Burrma Rd Lloyd Neck, NY, 11743
19 Burrma Rd Lloyd Neck, NY, 11743

When selling luxury homes, it’s not just about getting the deal but finding the right people to do business with. The idea is that you see these people often enough that you build a relationship – so you’re not just selling your business to the people you meet, but to all their clients too. Learn an expensive hobby or try to join expensive clubs where your target buyer is likely to be. These will help you in a direct way through references or buyers and get you a window into their mentality, study their habits or what makes them click.

Invest Big

35a Longfellow Rd Saddle Rock, NY, 11023
35a Longfellow Rd Saddle Rock, NY, 11023

Staging – High end buyers are visual, so a clean, well-organized, staged home will attract them in packs and help them to imagine themselves living in the space. When staging, try to showcase the amenities that makes the home luxurious.

Professional photography – When it comes to photos and videos of your real estate listings, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Professional photography isn’t simply using an expensive camera—you have to know how to use that camera and have skill in capturing the property at its best.

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Professional website – It is imperative for every business to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain. Because first impressions count, it’s important that your website looks professional. Create a specific page to market your luxury real estate.

Professional Video – Aerial drone videos are relatively new but a powerful marketing tool that will help you sell the right luxury home. Produce videos in high quality and your text limited so as not to discourage viewers to click away.

When you know how to sell a luxury home in the right way, the chances of attracting buyers and ultimately achieving the successful sale you’re hoping for become greatly increased.

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