Long Island Real Estate: Laffey Experts To Walk You Through Every Step

Long Island, New York is extremely popular for its dazzling, white sand shorelines, its wonderful shopping centers like the Americana, its manors on the North Shore, and obviously, the widely acclaimed Hamptons. It is a sweeping, thickly populated island in southeastern New York State, extending east from New York City. Along its Atlantic drift are Jones Beach State Park, Fire Island and Montauk Point State Park, the last home to the late-1700s Montauk Lighthouse.

Viewed on a map, the island looks like a big fish that swam straight up to mainland New York. The “tail” of the fish on the East End involves the North Fork and the South Fork, which are isolated by Peconic Bay. Totaling 1,377 square miles of land territory, Long Island New York is separated into four provinces: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Suffolk is the easternmost and by a wide margin the biggest of the four, covering a breadth of 911 square miles. Taking after Suffolk is Nassau with 287 square miles, Queens County with 109, and Kings with 70 square miles, the westernmost County. Kings and Queens Counties (Brooklyn and Queens) outskirt each other and fall inside the locale of New York City.

Today Nassau and Suffolk Counties are ranked among the most expensive areas to live in the United States, and are home to some of the nations best public and private schools and most effective community offices.


From a vacationer’s perspective, Long Island is most perfect to visit in the mid year and the fall when the view can be most appreciated. Long Island is an incredible place to visit whether it be for a family vacation, a group of twenty-year-olds looking to rent a summer house, or an older retired couple hoping to appreciate some natural sight-seeing or visit a gallery.

Real Estate

30 Coves Run Oyster Bay Cove NY 11791
30 Coves Run Oyster Bay Cove, NY, 11791 (Listing by Tim Lau)

Long Island, NY has great neighborhoods, some with vast breadths of green grass, or with access to close-by parks or sprawling, white sand shorelines. The regions of Nassau and Suffolk have for some time been famous for their abundance. With the middle cost of houses at $500,000, Long Island Real Estate has a high standard of living rate with residents paying some of the highest property taxes in the country. Long Island has around 2,400 real estate offices and somewhere in the range of 27,000 real estate agents.



The preferred mode of travel around Long Island is the automobile. Traveling by road, Long Islanders use three main arteries into New York City: The Long Island Expressway, the Northern State Parkway and the Southern State Parkway.

The Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is the busiest commuter railroad in North America, conveying a normal of 274,000 clients every weekday on 730 daily trains. LIRR has been a fundamental segment of the area’s transportation framework, prompting the improvement of the Long Island communities it serves and opening a gateway to the economic growth of the district.

There are also several Long Island Ferries that run from Fire Island to Shelter Island, one to Block Island, four to Connecticut. Ferries are also available for charter.

Two noteworthy worldwide airports, John F. Kennedy and La Guardia, are situated on Long Island in Queens County, with a few other littler private and public airports all through Nassau and Suffolk Counties, incorporating MacArthur Airport in the Town of Islip. Being an island, Long Island additionally offers a few ship lines for workers and visitors alike, connecting Long Island, New York City, Fire Island, Staten Island, Block Island, Shelter Island and Connecticut.  Nassau and Suffolk Counties operate their own public transit buses, further expanding the network of public transportation on Long Island, and making the transition to city transportation quite simple for commuters.

long island real estate
The former estate of the nation’s 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt.


Long Island can hold its own when it comes to attractions. With sugar-fine beaches, the glamorous Hamptons, famed golf courses and much more, Long Island has much to offer. The list includes The Hamptons, Sagamore Hill National Historic SiteNassau County Museum of Art, Long Island Wine Country and more.


With 127 public school districts and nearly twice as many private schools in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, there is almost no limit to elementary and secondary education options on Long Island.

U.S. News & World Report has released its April 2017 rankings with Jericho High School ranked as the top high school on Long Island. Six others were ranked in the top 200: Garden City High School (No. 157), Great Neck North High School (No. 164), Syosset Senior High School (No. 173), Manhasset Secondary School (No. 177), Great Neck South High School (No. 195), and Cold Spring Harbor High School (No. 196).

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The region has more than a dozen colleges and universities offering degrees in virtually every field of study. Long Island Press made this complete guide to Long Island Colleges and Universities with detailed descriptions and summaries.

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