How You Keep Your Home Says A Lot About You

Finding the right style when decorating your home is one of the hardest things. When it’s your home, everything hinges on what you like and what you are happy living with. Did you know that the way you organize and decorate it can actually reveal a surprising amount of information about who you are?

Additional Seating

When you have extra seating than you really need, it shows your engaging personality and great social skills. Entertaining guests is fun for you. You love to have friends or family visiting. This is likewise true in kitchen spaces where additional bar stools infer that you want visitors to stay for a while.

Comfy Pillows

Decorating with throw pillows will finish off any look and additionally makes any room feel a lot more comfy. Some people want to anchor a certain feeling in places they visit.  Having many throw pillows is a sign of welcome and conviviality. The feeling of ease, warmth and coziness is what you want your guests to feel in your home.

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Uncluttered Counters

Tidy counters and table tops signify a Type A personality who values the way things look over the way things function. They hate the idea of wasting time so they do things the moment they come to mind. A person with Type A personality will put the coffee maker inside kitchen cupboard after every use and will rather spend less time preparing it for use again than letting it sit out on the counter. Same applies to all areas in your home.  Use care however when implementing minimal decor or you may appear to be cold or “all business” to outsiders.

Neutral Color

Using muted tones and patterns signifies that you are a peacemaker. It may also mean you are even-keeled and practical. Walls painted in earthy shades allow you to use more color in your accessories and furnishings. It is smart to do a neutral backdrop and let your bright art and objects shine. In a home, this can read boring or not fashionable. In an office, however, neutral decor is smart because it has the best chance of leaving a good impression on the widest array of people.

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Color Scheme

Associated with sunshine and roaring fires, yellow and orange (and close cousins peach and pink) have a cheerful, welcoming personality. And most likely, so do you. If you are someone who uses warm tones, you tend to be friendly and nurturing—and love having others over. If you are drawn to blues and their brethren, you probably view your home as an oasis of calm in a hectic world. You may also be a bit of an introvert. Jewel tones like those of ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz reveals an outgoing, confident and creative personality. These people want to feel inspired by their environments and thrive on the stimulation.

Open Concept Homes

Open floor plans foster family togetherness, as well as increase your options when entertaining guests. By opting for larger combined spaces, the ins and outs of daily life – cooking, eating, and gathering together – become shared experiences. It feels like there is nothing off limits and that everyone is welcome in all areas.

Eclectic Taste

An eclectic interior design is defined by contrasts and variety. However, mixing and matching elements from different styles is not as easy as it seems. This style creates an atmosphere that is charming, unique, irregular, creative and fun because they combine at least two different styles in the same room. The result: a very specific sense of place. It makes you more intriguing to guests in your home.

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Classic Vintage Statements

It is rare to find homes these days that are still full of family history. Antique accents include a touch of sophistication, regardless if they weren’t seen that way in their own time period. It exudes heart and style. A person who consolidates vintage or antique things demonstrates knowledge and it infers an adoration for history.

It’s true that your stylistic theme is an impression of your identity, despite the fact that you might not have acknowledged it before. Remember these decorating styles in mind as you plan your next space, either at home or in the workplace.

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