How To Price A Home

pricing a home

Pricing A Home A home will sell for two reasons: price and exposure. In the real estate market for the 21st century, exposure has taken a new turn with the advancement of many Internet technologies for real estate. Be it as it may, the real estate industry’s new exposure tools will not help a home sell if the home is not priced correctly. When considering putting your home up for sale, it is very important to first analyze your real estate market on a subdivision level, not a metro-area level,…

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Home Sellers: How To Deal With A Collapsing Real Estate Transaction

collapsing real estate transaction

What can possibly be the worst nightmare a home seller can experience? It is when a buyer suddenly disappears at some point during negotiation. The deal never gets to close and the seller is left in an uncomfortable and desperate situation just before moving day. Why does it happen? At times, the buyer suffers from sudden anxiety not long after his offer is acknowledged and pulls out of the deal. This can happen if the buyer becomes involved in the excitement of a multiple offer competition. When he understands that he’s in a…

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