Most Common Home Buyer’s Regret

Remorse is a common feeling during home buying. For a first-time home buyer, pitfalls trap for those unprepared. Fortunately, there are many things you can learn from making mistakes. Far too many buyers fall in love on a home only to realize after moving in that they overlooked something major often leading to buyer’s remorse. Although some may still be happy with the purchase overall, there are definitely a few things they wish they would have done differently. But as we often hear, you live and you learn. Let’s look at the most common traps first-time home buyers fall into. Trying to…

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NYC’s Tipping Point: Buyers Need 5.6 Years To Break Even on Home Purchase

buying or renting

For New Yorkers considering buying a home, 2017 has been a tough year. A combination of rising mortgage rates and higher home prices in many parts of the city have decreased the affordability of purchasing a home. Moreover, a softening in the rental market throughout the city has made renting more attractive relative to buying, causing some potential homeowners to postpone their purchase. Given these circumstances, the latest StreetEasy Tipping Point analysis shows buyers should be prepared to spend a longer time in their home than in the past for…

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Is Buying a ‘Starter Home’ Still Smart?

buying a starter home

At the point when the Baby Boomer was venturing into adulthood, it was normal to purchase a “starter home” – a modest, small dwelling. As their families grew and careers advanced, they moved into bigger or better homes. Presently, a lot of people battle to come up with the down payment for a first home. Will it be more wise to hold up and save cash so they can buy a home that makes more long-term sense or buy a starter home and plan to remain in it for more years?…

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Older Homeowners Hold Key To The Future

Older Homeowners Hold Key To The Future - Laffey Knows

There are more than 67 million current homeowners over the age of 55 in America today. That represents two-thirds of the nation’s home equity and a significant slice of the country’s existing housing stock. Whether these homeowners decide to move sometime soon or plan to stay in their current home through their retirement will have a big impact on the housing market, affordability, mortgage demand, and the homes that are available to younger, aspiring home buyers in the coming years. Because of this, Freddie Mac has launched a new survey…

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