Beautifully Restored Dream Home For Sale at Douglaston NY

Owning a home has always been everyone’s dream come true, may it be a modern house or an existing house that you can just remodel.  But of course, this achievement can take years of preparation.

For most Americans, homes are launch pads for being and doing their best in the world, and the place where they live out their most cherished, private moments.

But like anything else in life, you can’t attain your dream home if you don’t know what it is. Your dream home can be closely connected to your goals and your visions. A home where your children can grow, one that is securely located, a place that will allow you to personalize it, not needful of much work and depending on your personal choices.

If you are looking for a great deal on your dream home, you’d be blown away with this beautifully restored 3-bedroom house in Douglaston NY recognizably manifesting the characteristics of the authentic Stickley style of architectural details all throughout. Considered to be the father of the American Arts & Crafts movement, famed furniture maker Gustav Stickley is well known for his craftsman style during the 20th century and whose designs are still in production today.


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The home features a spacious living room, formal dining room, designer kitchen, breakfast nook, theater room and landscaped garden. Membership is available to the Douglaston Club with tennis, pool and boating privilege.

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You want us to show you around? See every room and every space in this house. Arrange a meeting with Parvin Avazeh – 516-382-1122 or Charles Robert Manna – 917-373-8023 today. More details, click here.

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